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The final word on the astounding series of events from Snooth's PVA Wine Writer's Seminar


Today I bring you the final installment of our Snooth PVA Writer's Seminar Series round up articles, on the great wines of Rioja. I was joined by Rioja's great spokeswoman, the indomitable Ana Fabiano, for a tasting that featured grand vintages, both young and old, from some of the most venerable bodegas in all of Spain.

Ana led a fabulous event, discussing in detail the wines of Rioja, their regional differences, the vintage traits of the wines we tasted, as well as the culture of the land making for a well-rounded and complete presentation. Of course the wines spoke for themselves; brilliant examples of one of the world's greatest wines. Each writer took something special away from this event, and together their words help to capture the beauty of the tasting and the overall feel of our events. Enjoy each perspective as part of a greater whole, for that is what the world of wine writing is; slivers of insight into something one is rarely able to fully capture. 



If you read my post from yesterday (and if you didn’t, feel free to do it now…I promise I’ll be here when you get back…) I introduced you to Spain’s Rioja wine region. In it I mentioned one of the unique characteristics of Rioja was the strict aging requirements of the wines of this region, and how the intent of this law was to present wines ready to be consumed upon release. Theoretically, once a wine is released it is ready for consumption – i.e. no additional aging is required.
I also mentioned that there are many exceptions to this rule, ones that demonstrate Rioja’s impressive ability to age. In this seminar Fabiano provided several examples of impressive age worthy Riojas, proving their remarkable ability to age among the finest wines of the world.

The V.I.P. Table

So you want aged wine, direct from a winery’s cellar, without paying an arm and a leg? The answer is easy--it’s Rioja. Don’t get me wrong; some of this depends on your idea of relative value, but I assure you that buying a bottle of 20 year-old Rioja for $75 - $100 is one of the best values in the world of wine. And it doesn’t end there. Great bottles of aged Rioja can be had for a pittance around the country. 

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Unfortunately I had to duck out of the Rioja wine class and tasting at the Snooth PVA weekend a bit early in order to catch my flight back to Houston, but I was still able to learn quite a bit about the region and taste some delicious wines.
Region vs. Grape
Rioja is a wine region in Spain and, just like other Old World wines, the wine is identified by its region, not by the grape blend in the bottle. Tempranillo is the grape variety you are most likely to find in a Rioja wine as it thrives in the climate and has, consequently, grown in popularity over the years.

Benito's Wine reviews

Our final tasting for the Snooth PVA weekend was focused on the Rioja region of Spain and supplied by Vibrant Rioja. People ask me for wine recommendations all the time, and there are a few shortcuts that I take. If someone says, "I like a good red wine, not too expensive, not too--" and I say "Rioja." "OK, but I don't want it to be too tannic, and--" I once again say "Rioja." "But I need something that I can find in my local wine shop like--" "RIOJA!"


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You know the old saying; all good things must come to an end. So with that, my wine blogging friends and I wrapped up a fun-filled and enlightening ‘Snooth People’s Voice Wine Awards’ weekend with a 'Wines of Rioja' Farewell event. The tasting and discussion was led by Ana Fabiano, author of The Wine Region of Rioja. Ana also serves as the U.S. Trade Director at Vibrant Rioja and is the Brand Ambassador for DOCa Rioja.


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