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FAQ of Voters & Consumers:

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1. Where and how do I vote?

Visit the People’s Voice Wine Awards voting platform:

To Vote: Find the wine you want to vote for and click on the “Vote” button located on the card of the wine. If you are signed-in with Facebook, click “Like” to vote.

You can search for a wine within its corresponding category on the left column of the voting platform or by using the search box located underneath the People’s Voice Wine Awards logo.

Each vote will enter you into the 2012 People’s Voice Wine Awards’ Sweepstakes. See questions 3 and 4 for more details.

2. How many times can I vote?

1st Round of Voting - Nominees 
Nominee voting begins on June 25 and continues through August 22, 2012. You will have a maximum of 10 votes per week: a total of 80 votes for the entire nominee voting period.

Choose wisely. You can only vote once for each wine during each voting round.

2nd Round of Voting - Finalists
Finalist voting begins on September 12th  and continues through October 22nd  2012.  You will have a maximum of 10 votes per week during this voting round: a total of 50 votes for the entire finalist voting period.

3. How do I enter the People’s Voice Wine Awards’ Sweepstakes?

To enter the sweepstakes, simply vote for your favorite wine. Each vote equals one ticket to the sweepstakes. You can earn up to 10 tickets by voting each week.

There are two sweepstakes, one for each voting period of the People’s Voice Wine Awards.

You can earn a total of 80 tickets during the Nominee voting round, and 50 tickets during the Finalist voting round.

4. What are the prizes of the People’s Voice Wine Awards’ Sweepstakes?

First Round of Voting Sweepstakes Prizes:

-Three new hi-resolution iPads loaded with Snooth content.
-Two $500 shopping credits from Bloomspot, a luxury online shopping service.
-Over 50 one-year subscriptions to Snooth's new monthly digital magazine, "The Wine Buyers Guide: A comprehensive look at the world’s best grapes," accompanied by great reviews, food pairing options and travel ideas.

To learn more about the People’s Voice Wine Award’s Sweepstakes, see the official rules and Snooth’s privacy policy, please visit:

Second Round of Voting Sweepstakes Prizes:

A Dream Trip for two to Sonoma Wine Country with all expenses paid. This sweepstakes will open on September 12, 2012.

A link to the sweeps detail page will be posted here when the sweepstakes begins. 

5. How do I submit my favorite wines for consideration into the People’s Voice Wine Awards? 

Easy. Enter the name and vintage of your favorite wine in the white box at the top of every page of the People’s Voice Wine Awards.

6. Does each nomination submission equal one vote?

No. A nomination is not a vote. You only need to submit a nomination one time. Acceptance of nominations is not influenced by popularity (how many times they are nominated).
Users will be able to vote for wines via the voting platform at Voting is open to everyone and will begin on June 25, 2012.

FAQ of Trade & Industry:

1. How do I submit my favorite wines for consideration into the People’s Voice Wine Awards? 

Easy. Just fill out our simple nomination form. You can find it here:

Or simply enter the name and vintage of the wine in the white box at the top of every page of the People’s Voice Wine Awards.

2. How many wines can I submit for nomination?

You can submit as many wines as you would like - we will have different categories in which they can be nominated.

3. When can people start voting for my wine?

Open voting begins on June 25 and will continue until August 22, 2012. Users can vote ten times per week across multiple categories. The list of finalists will be announced on August 27. The second round of voting for the finalists will begin on September 12 and continue through October 22, 2012.

4. Where do I send my fans to vote for my wine?

You can share the URL link of the category in which your wine was nominated.

For example, if your wine was nominated within the “Burgundy” category you can share the link:

You can share a more direct link by choosing the sub-category. If your wine was nominated within the “Premium” sub-category of the “Burgundy” category, you may share this link:

You can find these links by finding the wine you want to share within the People’s Voice Wine Awards’ voting platform and copying the URL link on the navigation bar of your web browser.

5. How do I motivate people to vote for my wines?

There are many easy steps you can take to get fans to vote for your wines.

 A) Let your fans, customers and friends know that you have been nominated and ask them to support you.

Announce that you have been nominated via your company website, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media. Share the direct link of the category in which you have been nominated to provide voters easy access.

B) This article, drafted by social media expert Clare Goggin Sivits, has some great tips on how to get your fans engaged:

Remember that open voting begins on June 25 and continues through August 22. The sooner you start letting others know you have been nominated, the more votes you are likely to get!

C) Help us help you spread the news! Share your online social network profiles with our social media manager so we can easily update you using Twitter and Facebook on award-related news: (click here).

6. How are the nominees chosen?

The nominees for the People's Voice Wine Awards are chosen because of a shared, consistent ability to deliver what consumers want. They are judged on:

  •     Value
  •     Typicity
  •     Consistency
  •     Ageability
  •     Complexity
  •     Deliciousness

7. Where can I see a list of all nominees?

You can find all the current nominees within each category on the voting platform. Also, you can see a list of current nominees in Snooth Top Lists:

8. When will the rest of the nominees be announced?

The first round of editorial nominees was announced the week of June 4, 2012. New nominations will continue to be accepted through July 22. New nominees will be announced each week.

9. How are the categories chosen?
Our categories are selected by Snooth Editor-in-Chief Gregory Dal Piaz and editorial team to represent the broadest possible spectrum of wines and the consumers those wines appeal to.

10. How many categories are there?

There are currently 25 region/varietal categories. 
Each region and varietal category is further divided into the appropriate sub-categories: Value Wines, Premium Wines, Super Premium Wines and Luxury Wines, for a total of 80 sub-categories.

Value: The value category is comprised or wines generally priced at $12 or under at retail.

Premium: The premium category is comprised of wines that are generally in the $12 to $25 range at retail.

Super Premium: The super premium category consists of wines that are generally priced between $25 and $50 at retail.

Luxury: The luxury category consist of wines that range in price from $50 to slightly over $100 a bottle.

The 24 Region & Varietal Categories are:

1. Bordeaux

2. Burgundy

3. Cabernet Sauvignon

4. Chardonnay

5. Dessert Red

6. Dessert White

7. Grenache and Blends

8. Italian Red

9. Italian White

10. Other Red

11. Other White

12. Pinot Noir

13. Red Blends

14. Riesling

15. Rose

16. Rose Sparking

17. Sauvignon Blanc

18. South American Red

19. South American White

20. Spanish Red

21. Sparkling Wine

22. Sweet Sparkling Wine

23. Syrah

24. Tuscan Red

25. Zinfandel

11. Do I need to submit samples of the wine?

Submitting samples is NOT mandatory to be considered for nomination, but it will help members of our editorial team to become familiar with your wine if they are not already. Please submit samples of the wines you have nominated. You can mail them to:

Snooth People's Voice Awards
49 West 24th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010

12. How do I clean my wine's listing information? How do I correct my winery information?

Make sure that the Snooth listings for your wines are up to date by uploading bottle shot images and any information that could help users to identify the wine and your winery. Our guide will help you update your wine listing, teach you how to claim your winery page and more:

Have more questions?
Please email us with any additional questions:
Thank you and best of luck!
-The Snooth Team

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