I’ve been on a bit of a tear since returning from the Radici Wine experience in Puglia in November. I had so many wines while there that, in truth, it was a bit of a blur until I had the perspective that only time allows. I’ve been reporting on the wines -- the good, the bad, the new and the unreleased it seems -- but I’ve also been telling a story of sorts.

I happen to be telling the story of Puglian wine, but in truth one can pull out "Puglian" and insert myriad other locales that have gone down this very same path. We like to think that our own conditions, whether personal or professional, are unique and distinctive, though the truth is that they are unique only to ourselves. We all tend to repeat the mistakes of others and, if we’re lucky, also their success. Primitivo, among all of Puglia’s wines, truly can say that it's been there before, in the guise of California’s Zinfandel, though!