The Prosecco DOC Consortium, the body representing Prosecco producers from Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, has recently announced a 33.5 per cent leap in wine export volume to the United States in the first half of 2014.  According to Luca Giavi, Consortium director, the United States market accounts for 18.5 per cent of total Prosecco exports – making it the third largest after the U.K and Germany.
Mr. Giavi stated that the Prosecco revolution in the US is largely attributed to the wine's amazing properties: Its appealing characteristics like flora and fruity aromas, alongside dry and gentle flavors, indeed reflect a newfound taste for budget friendly luxury among consumers.
Apart from the US market, the Consortium also reported a 27 per cent rise in its global exports. Mr. Giavi further asserted that the success of Prosecco is attributed to its ability to blend well with international cuisine.
Prosecco wine was granted Controlled Designation of Origin Status in 2009.
“Some sparkling wines that lack designation of origin are passed off as Prosecco. Today, our main competitors are represented by the fraud or the misuse of our geographical indication”, said Mr. Giavi.