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Pinot Noir $25-$35 We’re continuing up our Pinot price ladder, and it is time we begin to broaden the range. After ticking off a pair of $5 increments, opening up the selection to wines in the $25 to $35 range seemed to make sense. This jump was also necessary because there is a distinct paucity of Pinot in the $25 to $30 range. It seems as though marketers have identified the various price barriers awfully well, $30 is not one of them!

Still, when you’re at $30, what’s another three bucks? I’m guessing that’s what those marketing folks are thinking too! Truth is, not much, but moving up from $25 to $35 does open a whole new world of wines.

Not surprisingly, this as a selection was the best yet. Some of the wines continue to suffer from the “more is better” syndrome and some alcohols were a bit excessive, but in general, the wines were delightful. Besides offering better depth, complexity, and freshness of flavor, the textures of these wines showed much more elegance and finesse than the wines at lower price points. 

That may seem to be a silly point to focus on, but one of the things that sets Pinot Noir apart from many other wines is that supple, elegant and seductive texture. It is easy to blend it away or cover it up with too much oak, extraction or residual sugar, so when a winemaker captures that essence of Pinot Noir, there is simply nothing else like it!

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