2011 Tolentino Winemaker’s Selection Bodega Cuarto Dominio Pinot Grigio Mendoza ARG 12% $15

Floral, lemony and slightly creamy on the nose with some lime candy notes. In the mouth, this has a nice texture with acidity supporting modest richness in a clean and fresh way. The flavors recall the nose with a distinct candied edge, even showing some pineapple on the back end. It’s going to prove to be very popular with the cocktail wine crowd but it’s a distinctly fruity and slighty sticky style of wine. 84pts

2011 Dancing Coyote Pinot Grigio Clarksburg CA 13% $12

Sweet and floral on the nose with a hint of red peachy fruit accenting a base of lime/lime blossom fruit. A bit soft on entry, this snaps together nicely on the palate and delivers a round, easy to drink mouthful of melon and citrus fruit. Remains aromatic and floral in the mouth, adding a hint of fennel on the back end and through the modest finish. 84pts

2011 White Pine Pinot Grigio Michigan USA 12.5%

Smells a bit funky with bananas, coconut husks, melon and some flinty, mineral notes on the nose. Nicely balanced and fresh, this is very clean in the mouth. Citrus fruit is backed up by more of that almost flinty, mineral quality that takes over on the moderately long finish. Easy to drink and with some textural interest, this just needs a bit more depth of flavor. 83pts

2010 Double Decker Pinot Grigio California 13% $12

Light lemon on the nose but not very aromatic. Light and fresh in the mouth with hints of limeade and lemon flavor. This is fresh and easy with a hint of RS adding some flesh. A nice touch of bitterness emerges on the modest, lime-flavored finish. A very light wine but one that has some appeal. Chill this and serve it by the pool, I’d drink it. 82pts

2011 Kenwood Pinot Grigio RRV 13.5% $12

Sweet apple fruit greets the nose along with a hint of white pepper and a light note of dried fruit and toasted nuts. A bit of an overripe flavor profile on entry, this retains a very ripe, almost syrupy peach quality in the mouth with noticeable richness balanced by good acidity. There’s not much of a finish here but the sugar does become more obvious once the modest acidity recedes. Tastes a bit heavy and dull. 80pts

2010 Luna Pinot Grigio Napa Valley 14.1% $13

This is fairly mineral on the nose with a nice contrast of stemmy apple fruit and some hints of pineapple. Light in the mouth and a touch soft, this is inoffensive but innocuous with lightly creamy peach flavors on the mid-palate and a hint of sweet nuttiness on the modest finish. 78pts

2010 Estancia Pinot Grigio California 13% $11

This smells a bit overripe with peaches, pears, hints of dried figs and a little mango for good measure. A bit thin in the mouth, there is enough acid here but this feels quite rounded and loose in the mouth. The overripe fruit flavors lead to a dry, slightly astringent finish. Fairly innocuous but not what I want from Pinot Grigio. 75pts

2010 Discoveries Vineyards Pinot Grigio California 13.5% $10

This smells overripe, sweet and artificially fruity with hints of Fruit Stripes gum and apricot preserves. Soft, low acid, jammy apricot and golden raspberry flavors on the palate are followed by a bitter, short and abrupt finish. Pasty. 70pts