2011 Innocent Bystander Pinot Gris Yarra Valley AUS 12.5% $14

Quite ripe on the nose with slightly waxy yellow fruits that quickly turn a bit flat and herbal with air. Soft and broad in the mouth with a nice mineral edge and good clarity, though this is a bit thin on the mid-palate. The acidity really drives this, lending the wine citric and slightly bitter apple peel flavors and a nice mineral wash to the finish. A final wave of sweet fruit does reappear on the finish adding nice detail to the finale. This is not going to be that popular as it is not fruit-driven, but it is somewhat complex and has a nice interplay of sweet, sour and bitter flavors on the palate. 87pts

2010 Pighin Pinot Grigio Friuli 12.5% $14

Pretty aromatic on the nose with a nice blast of greengage plum, framed by saffron and gentle, dried orange peel notes over a dried apricot base. Light and feathery in the mouth, this is sheer and delicate with clear plum and green apple flavors across the palate that quickly yield to a light dried apple- and spice-toned finish. Easy to enjoy with some complexity but ultimately a lightweight wine. 86pts

2011 Lungarotti Pinot Grigio Umbria Italy 12.5% $14

Smells like you’re zesting lime. Fresh, crisp, gently floral with a bit of green spiciness. On entry, this is lean and very direct, small-scaled and acid-driven with slightly pithy lemon flavors. With air, it gains a touch of weight and begins to show some of the green herbal and spice nuances from the nose. A lovely sipper, this gains some nice snap on the finish, which is moderately long and very firm, demanding some food to go along with it. 86pts

2011 McManis Family Vineyards Pinot Grigio California 11.5% $10

Nicely aromatic with notes of apples, pollen, a hint of honey and a squeeze of lime. Bright and lively on entry, this has plenty of acidity on a lean, fairly well balanced frame. It’s not very complex, delivering light apple, citrus and honey flavors, but it is well balanced and refreshing with a decently long finish. I can see this pleasing a very wide audience. 85pts

2011 Forchir Villa del Borgo Pinot Grigio Friuli 12.5% $10

On the nose, this is very lemony with a nice lime leaf top note and a hint of peach. Fairly sweet on entry with bright acidity, but the sugar here remains noticeable, adding a bit of creamy weight and some heft to the lemon curd and apricot fruit flavors. A bit of minerality helps to enliven the finish. This is a party wine. 85pts