2008 Handley Anderson Valley Pinot Gris, 14%, $17
Rather intense nose of dried apple, rocky soil, a touch of spice and a gentle lashing of honeycomb. Nice and focused in the mouth, with really bright acids and a nice fairly rich apple flavor with some fine background notes of dried flowers. Big, but a touch simple with a clean, moderately long, slightly vanilla-tinged finish. 87pts

NV Pizzolato Pinot Grigio Piave Italy, 12%, $12
Almost a touch of gooseberry on the nose, with a low core of pear fruit, honeycomb almond, herb and a touch of Band-Aid. Nice cut on entry. This is light-bodied and fresh with a nice core of earthy pear and apple fruit, tinged with mineral and bitter almond notes. The acid is citrusy and the wine finishes with a nice long, almost steely, tone. Very cleansing. Interesting and produced from organic grapes. 87pts

2009 Barone Fini Pinot Grigio Alto Adige, 12.5%, $16
This is rather light on the nose with a fine blend of citrus and spice tones, topped with some gentle mineral tones. With air the citrus character here really pops, adding distinct notes of grapefruit, lime and orange. A bit broader on entry than I expected from the nose, but still rather gossamer and elegant on the palate. The fruit here is a touch firm and nicely dry with some fine peachy background notes topped with the complex citrus character of the nose. The modest finish gains a touch of mineral and tapers out with some final citrus aromatics. 87pts

2010 Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio Alto Adige, 13%, $13
Very apple-scented with nuanced notes of apple blossoms. Bright acids in the mouth lend this good freshness and while there is good depth to the green apple fruit, the wine is a bit simple. Nice mouthfeel with a low hint of tannin on the finish. 87pts

2010 J. Hofstatter Pinot Grigio Alto Adige, 12.5%, $18
Light and slightly peachy on the nose with a sweet apple underlay and nice hints of river stones. A touch sweetly fruited on entry with creamy, fairly apple core of fruit. A bit simple, if fresh, and easy to drink. 86pts

2010 Kenwood RRV Pinot Gris, 13.5%, $16
This is very fruity on the nose, almost explosively fruity, with maraschino cherry notes over peach, pear and candied orange notes. A bit sweet in the mouth with that same explosion of fruit salad that came through on the nose. The fruit is intense here and perhaps too much of a good thing, lending this a fruit juice/sangria-like quality. The acidity supports the fruit fairly well, adding a freshness to the orange tones; but this is top heavy and lacks some balance in the mouth with a sugar-lengthened finish that shows some orange pith notes. This is going to elicit some OMG moments, but the fruitiness may be too much for some. 86pts

2010 St. Michael Eppan Pinot Grigio Classico Alto Adige, 13%, $15
Very fruity on the nose with bright sweet pear fruit framed with a touch of orange. Fresh and fruity in the mouth, with a touch of RS adding roundness and reinforcing the fruity quality of the wine, which finishes with a huge peach tone on the finish. 86pts

2009 Willakenzie Estate Pinot Gris Willamette Valley, 14.2%, $19
This is a little hot on the nose but does offer up a nice array of apple and green peach aromas. This is pretty big in the mouth with a slightly minty/fumey note, but a nice, smooth texture that shows very good integration and nice depth to the pear and peach fruit that’s framed with a touch of tannin. The finish shows a nice wash of acid that refreshes the palate, but throws the balance off a touch. Pretty big, intense Pinot Gris that retains some delicacy. 86pts

2010 Barone Fini Valdadige, 12.5%, $11
Appley and slightly sweet smelling with notes of mint and orange, adding some complexity. This is fairly round on entry with just enough RS to add that soft edge and reinforce the deeply fruity nature of this wine. There’s a lot to like here. Though the wine does lack some crispness, it delivers plenty of peachy fruit with a light hint of orange and enough acidity to keep this fresh. There’s not much of a finish beyond that acid zing, but this is fun. 86pts

2010 Castello di Amorosa Pinot Grigio Mendocino County, 14.2%, $20
This is rather steely on the nose with crisp apple fruit topped with hints of cherry, white flowers and fennel. A bit heavy in the mouth with fairly intense fruit that lacks some freshness, a bit baked apple-like with some herby tannins floating around the edges. This is rather front-loaded and a bit sticky in the mouth, though it has nice fruit building with some air. The finish shows that flash of fennel from the nose, but is a bit on the short side, if clean. 85pts

2009 Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot Gris Willamette Valley, 12.5%, $16
Decidedly lemony on the nose with a touch of honeycomb and a shaving of nutmeg.  This is bright on entry, though it shows some excess weight that lends the wine a rich mouthfeel but covers some of the fruit flavors. There’s a ton of acid here, so this manages to fight off that extra weight through most of the mid-palate; but the back end is a bit clumsy, as is the sugar-lengthened finish. 84pts

2010 Concha y Toro Castillero del Diablo Pinot Grigio Reserve Limari Valley Chile, 13%, $10
A bit sharp on the nose with a light mineral dusting over the top of yellow floral notes and pear fruit, with some cashew butter accents. This is rather lighter bodied with a touch of flesh and some nice acid-driven vibrancy. It’s actually rather fresh feeling, though the fruit does have a lightly jammy, bitter orange aspect to it with a slightly bitter finish. Elegant and fresh, this isn’t bad at all, just a touch unusual. 84pts

2009 Cupcake Pinot Grigio Trentino, 12.5%, $10
A touch faded with peach and pear fruit on the nose. Soft in the mouth, but at the same time it’s kind of delicate with a light appeal to the fresh apple and pear flavors. A hint of bitterness on the back end adds some nice contrast and extends the finish. 84pts

2010 Hogue Pinot Grigio Columbia Valley
, 13.4%, $10
This smells fairly fruity with apple fruit, accented with hints of grapefruit and white pepper. A touch sweet and lacking some acidity, this rolls over the palate but seems hollow in the middle. It’s soft and easy to drink with light peachy fruit that drops off on the finish fairly quickly. 83pts

2009 Heartland South Australia Pinot Grigio, 12%, $15
Shallow, yet bright on the nose with green apple character. A bit soft on entry, expansive in the mouth with gentle sweet apple and melon character. A bit raw on the finish and short, with a touch of stickiness. 82pts

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