It’s funny how life can force changes upon you. Just four years ago almost to the day, I began working here at Snooth.

First, I worked primarily on data projects, but by November of 2008, I was launching what has become Snooth Media’s editorial department. Back then, things were a bit more freewheeling on the one hand, writing about day-to-day events almost in real time, but they were far more burdensome on the other. Those emails were written in code without the help of a Content Management System (what we use to build, organize and publish our daily articles to the site).

Fast forward to today and we find that creating the content for the site and emails has, in many ways, become much easier, with a talented team making it look easy and a CMS that really helps, too. At the same time, some of the spontaneity of those early days has been sacrificed. When content passes through an ever-growing process machine, things slow down or even drag on, and content becomes less fresh. Well, less fresh  in my mind at least.

Willamette Valley image via Shutterstock

In an effort to move things along, I’m going to condense some of my notes. For example, today I’m going to report on my recent(ish) visit to Oregon for the 2012 North American Wine Bloggers Conference. I won’t bore you with the details from the conference, but the handful of wineries I visited before the trip do deserve some attention.

Some of the wines I tasted were featured in my recent write-up of Pinot Gris, but I tasted so many wines from what I consider to be the top wineries in Oregon that I feel it is worth offering a synopsis of those visits before all the notes are officially typed up and presented at some later date.

As usual, a lot of you will complain about this article. Either I explored too few wineries (I had a day and a half for visits) or the wrong wineries (they’re some of my favorites, they don’t need to be yours). Or, I’m featuring wines that are not available where you live (you can order many on the Internet and have the wines shipped to you), or the wines have just been released (as a wine writer, I must take the time to visit wineries). And there’s always the complaint that my palate sucks.

It’s all okay, I’ve gotten used to it. I do hope that those of you who do or don’t complain will still find some value, enjoyment and pleasure in these wines. They really do represent some of the greatest wines of Oregon today. Enjoy!

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