There’s a lot of buzz surrounding One Woman Wines. For one thing, the wines are excellent. However, what they also have, is a story behind them that we can all relate to. One Woman Wines isn’t a winery hobby of some Wall Street executive or large conglomerate bank firm. One Woman Wines is literally the result of one woman’s passion and her family, that makes it all possible. Claudia Purita, grew up on her family’s farm in Calabria, Italy. It was a farm for growing vegetables, raising small animals and wine grapes. However, even though the groundwork was laid for her to one day become a winemaker, it wasn’t until much later in life that she returned to this passion. A little over ten years ago, the first vines were planted for One Woman Wines, with 2007 being its first vintage.

I had the pleasure of tasting with Claudia’s daughter, Gabriella, at the North Fork tasting room, which resembles a little red school house in the middle of a vineyard. It’s a rustic space with seating for five or six, but for what it lacks in space, it makes up for in character and comfort. Gabriella explained, with much enthusiasm, how her mother works the vineyards, hand pruning and individually inspecting the grapes. It’s no wonder how they capture so much purity in the bottle.