Small bets have been placed on Old Vine Carignan and it’s time to see if they’re going to pay off. There is still a tendency to Cabernet the hell out of anything that comes from a vine, in Chile and elsewhere, but many of these wines really seem to have something unique to say. While some of these wines tend towards the pricey end of the spectrum, which can be indicative of a bit of Cabernet-ization, they pretty much top out at $45. There are also lovely examples available in the teens that give nothing to their more expensive siblings.

Once you’ve read this, and have bitched at me for writing again about wines you can’t find, get off your butt and try harder. Not for me but for the farmers of Old Vine Carignan and the people willing to take a risk. Otherwise, you’ll be heading down to the store someday and when you get there all you’re going to find are the wines you are familiar with. That’s not fun now, is it?