Yes Please

2009  Milton La Cote Pinot Noir Gisborne

Sweet briar, touch of cola, spice, feral,, a bit of iron, sweet fruit bit of herb, fennel flower, rich, ripe and bright with slightly austere, slightly woodsy tannins, ripe berry fruit, touch currants with a bit of lingonberry,  root beer, rather medicinal.

2011 Pyramid Valley Earth Smoke Pinot Noir North Canterbury Barrel Sample 

Mineral, slightly jammy raspberry fruit, this smells downright Burgundian, almost Beaujolais like, very light on the palate, has a nice mineral stemmy, almost herbal quality, slightly medicinal on the moderately long finish.

2009 Ataahua Pinot Noir Waipara

Lovely cherry, cola, herb and stem fruit, touch of musk. Lush in mouth, fruity with a nice perfumed, stemmy backdrop, good length, touch of medicinal candy.

2009 Black Estate Pinot Noir Waipara

Sweet, touch of herb, raspberry Kind of sweet, rich raspberry fruit, nice edge of herb, lovely spicy edge of sweet orange. 

2010 Greystone Pinot Noir Waipara

Musky, rich, notably dark color, smoky, black raspberry, light black cherry skin. Bit of green sapwood. Round and polished, soft tannins, lots of grapes kin character, wild black raspberry, touch short, bit of chocolaty dry extract.

2009 Mountford Village Pinot Noir Waipara

Smoky, soil, iron, beef, cinnamon spice, almost a touch of ginger, smoky wood. Nice raspberry bright acids, mineral base, good complexity, nice tannin ripeness.

2008 Mountford Estate Pinot Noir Waipara

Fine blend of wood and musky fruit, ashy, dried black cherry. Smoky, fine clarity and balance, wonderful mouthfeel, light yet sleek with a touch of glycerin, a bit oaky, nutty, finishes very strongly.

2010 Pegasus Bay Prima Donna Waipara

Light mocha, hickory, Sapid, wiry fruit, blackberry, a little Co2 , round, a little dense and slightly chocolaty, nice herbal and black currant, black raspberry on back end, very smooth, fine ripe tannins on the finish.

2009 Pegasus Bay Prima Donna Waipara

Brownie, touch of plum, blackberry. Bright, juicy, fresh, black raspberry, ripe tannins, good length, juicy, touch of stem.

2010 Rock Face Pinot Noir Waipara

Candied lightly, meaty herbal spice, quinine. Light, nice cut, lovely mouthfeel, much fresher on the palate, clean, focused, good depth of fruit, excellent length, good astringent red fruit and mineral spice.

2010 The Crater Rim Canterbury Waipara

Quinine, stems, capers. Round, lush, rather exuberant texture if restrained flavors with black raspberry, black cherry pit, and a touch of burnt brownie, a sweet spice on the long finish.

2010 The Crater Rim From the Ashes Pinot Noir Waipara

Very pretty, spice, lightly stemmy nose, earthy, forest floor Burgundian. Red fruit, cranberry, hints of beef, white mushroom and herbs, green peppercorn, very well balanced, pure and transparent with a lovely sweetness of ripeness.

2009 Craggy Range Te Muna Road Hawke's Bay

Sapid, mineral, varietal, spiced, slightly cooked, cooled cranberry jelly, touch oaky. Broad and large scaled in the mouth, nice Sapid wild berry fruit, very ripe tannins, spicy oak is very well integrated, finishes a bit short, tight.

2008 Brodie Pinot Noir Martinborough

Bright aromatics, a bit of stem perhaps, perfumed, rhubarb, bit vegetal root tones, slightly medicinal, soft but pure feeling, light with a sense of delicacy but no shortage of power, big rhubarb, raspberry and black cherry  fruit, finely ripe tannins, some savory, dark notes to the core but this finishes with freshness, even if there is a bit of remaining wood sweetness.

2008 Te Hera Pinot Noir Wairarapa

Nice blend of sweet toasty wood spice, cocoa, and meaty, dark berry fruit, a bit plummy, really nice palate feel, soft tannins covered in cocoa dusted cherry fruit, a bit meaty, dark and story on the backend, then the fruit shows more of. Black raspberry note before the wood tannin, wood spice and dried met finish kicks in, long, savory and ripe, just a bit too much oak.

2009 Te Mania Pinot Noir Nelson

Darker, meatier, a bit more herb and earth, nice fine sage edge, pretty ripe feeling ripe tannins, savory n yet sweet at its core, very light on the palate even if this shows impressively ripe flavors, decent length, turns rather strawberries strawberry seeds on the finish, quite varietal, definite turns lighter and brighter on the palate though this shows oily herb stem and light coco notes right through the finish which picks up some Stony tones.

2009 Neudorf Tom’s Block Pinot Noir Nelson

Smells like a handful of freshly turned soil. Little pine nuts, floral, raspberry, a bit spicy, perfumed with fresh fruit and forest floor character, bright, fine cut, tense, nice sage accents up front, lingonberry, raspberry, fine tannins, succulent, slightly drying, little stern, not a fruity style but fruity aromatics, little flower stem romantics.

2010 Saint Clair Omaka Reserve Pinot Noir Marlborough

Intense, violet, black pepper, beefy, venison, green peppercorn, sweet, ripe yet astringent fruit, bit of citrus, huge intensity, liquory intensity, nice vivid citrus backbone Violet pastille  quality in the mouth, very smooth, super soft if abundant tannins. 

2009 Jackson Estate Pinot Noir Marlborough

Wow, fairly intense medicinal, root beer, stemmy character fades quickly, beefy, fine French oak aromas, toasted spice. Thick, rich, bright with acid, lovely cherry fruit, bit RRV like but with a nice floral, herbal backend, really fine ripe tannins, black cherry coal on the fini, then wood steeped tea.

2007 Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir Central Otago 4

Very mineral nose, stem, smoke, floral, deep fruit. Soft and rich, nice cut, vibrant, rich yet transparent, fine mineral base, little black raspberry fruit, nice finish, super finish, nice spicy finale.

2009 Doctors Flat Pinot Noir Central Otago 

Sweet leather, little floral, quite floral. Lightly jammy, musk berry blackberry. Spicy, nice gentle stemmy notes, fresh fruit, bright, wild raspberry, a bit raw, a bit big cut.

2010 Doctors Flat Pinot Noir Central Otago 

Dark, oily stems, deep and aromatic, almost black fruit. Black currant, deep, powerful yet fine balance, super ripe tannins, acid a touch soft, a touch earthy, good grape skin intensity.

2009 Burn Cottage Pinot Noir Central Otago 

Pretty nose, flora and raspberry with a hint of meat, little pith and oak. Soft, juicy, open, nice fruit, little coulis character jammy, vanilla tinged raspberry sorbet fini, fruity style but well done.

2007 Prophet’s Rock Pinot Noir Pinot Noir Central Otago

Rich, silky, fine ripe tannins, bit of toast, nice spice notes, bit of Woody spice, super fine grinned tannins, nice savory acids, bit of spice for wood, quite elegant and fairly savory, log, bit o strawberry on fini, cool, sort of Oregonian, pretty ripe, nice mineral pomegranate seed stringent finale note, pretty big, brows wine, lots of ripe tannins, muscular, black fruit. 

2009 Prophet’s Rock Pinot Noir Pinot Noir Central Otago

Bright fresh, elegant, light, fresh red berry fruit, rose petal. Sweet fruit, precise, transparent, nice chiseled structure, sapid, mineral, gauze of fruit of if e detailed structure, s d soil, cut plum fruit, nice spice tones, restrained but not light, great intensity and fine juicy very red berry, red currant skin fruit, beautifully glassy fruit, clear, nice touch of herb adding freshness.

2010 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir Central Otago

Sweet but briary, savory, wild berry fruit, nicely balanced good intensity, touch of tea stem. Round, pretty lush, soft acids intense soft tannins mouth filling a juicy, syrupy quality, kind of lingonberry currant jamminess, spicy stem tannins on finish, pretty long.

2010 Felton Road Calvert Pinot Noir Central Otago

More oak driven, toasty spicy, cherry skin, deep but gentle. Bright, nice early it, fine anew nice, mw yet full palate feel, a burnished quality to the fruit, nice set of tannins a, layered on the backend, fine layered tannins, nice savory quality, good length, nice layered finish, sweet fruit yet not fruity.

2010 Soho Havana Pinot Noir Marlborough

Sweet red fruit, spice, floral, balanced and elegant, touch green. Bit of pith, lime, grapefruit, bright, fresh, good structure, nice mineral, bit of stem, nice freshness on finish, Sapid. 

2009 Marisco Wrath Pinot Noir Marlborough

Wild cherry, earth and herb, nice base of nutty oak is well integrated. Bright, nicely precise for it size, big black cherry, black raspberry fruit, spicy fini with lovely if large scaled fruit, austere black fruit finish.