You’ve probably tried a few New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs and maybe even dabbled in the occasional Pinot Noir, but have you taken a look at their Chardonnays? If you haven’t, you really need to. I should probably rephrase that. If you enjoy a leaner, crisper style of Chardonnay that manages to be ripe yet firm with vivid clarity, then it’s time for you to try New Zealand Chardonnay!

Several styles of Chardonnay are produced in New Zealand. Due to the rather unique growing conditions found there, the wines tend not to be cheap, even pricey, so if you’re going to be spending the money on one of these wines, you’ll probably want to find one that really expresses what New Zealand has to offer.

There are several reasons why New Zealand’s wines tend to be on the pricier side, ranging from the extreme distance shipping to terroir-driven issues like cool weather, wind and minimal rainfall.