Nebbiolo the wine, the purest expression of the grape that shares the same name, affords wine drinkers wonderful opportunities to learn about producers as well as vintages. These wines tend to be less influenced by winemaking, and the lengthy ageing that is required for wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco, allowing one to see more of the vintage traits and skill of the winemaker in question. They;re also damn fine wine in their own right and often great values to boot.
I tasted the wines that follow on visits that I organized, mostly because I knew the producers and anticipated that I would enjoy their wines so this list is a bit of a self-selected best of list. The result is a bevy of fine wines and a range of styles, all of which can give you insight into the coming vintages for a modest price. 2010 and 2011 promise to be very exciting vintages in Piedmont, continuing a lucky streak that sees the even years being more traditionally styled and the odd vintages being more marked by a warm growing season. I am very excited by both vintages and found wines to recommend in both though most of the wines I tasted were in fact from 2011.