This summer, discover an unexpected side of Napa Valley. This world famous wine region may be known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, but thanks to the region’s diversity of soils and climate, Napa Valley vintners also produce many world-class white and rosé wines. Due to the varying climatic differences found from north to south and valley floor to mountainside, you’ll find white wine varieties planted in almost every part of the Napa Valley.
Chardonnay may be the most abundant white grape variety harvested in Napa Valley, but you’ll also find varieties such as Roussanne, Gruner Veltliner, Albarino and dozens more. When making rosé wines, Napa Valley winemakers have an entire spice chest of varieties to play with as rosé can be made with any red variety. Although the style for Napa Valley rosé is diverse, it’s most common to find a crisp, dry rosé from Napa Valley.
In terms of quality, the refreshing white and rosé wines of Napa Valley are hard to beat.  The average Napa Valley white wine vineyard is harvested at yields of three tons per acre to maximize quality – that’s less than half of the average yield in other parts of California. 
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