Aurora Barbera d’Asti 2003 Tasted in February 2007 at the Wooster Inn—Wooster, OH

What is the wine of choice for someone during college? Woodbridge? Sutter Homes? Perhaps, if you are lucky, Yellow Tail or Little Penguin? So the first time I actually had a delicious red wine in college I was immediately taken over to “the dark side.” The College of Wooster and Wooster Inn, in Northern Ohio, hosts wine tasting classes and dinners with the Executive Chef and Sommelier, Ken Bogucki. It was the first time they had tried the classes and gave a special discount for college students. Therefore, I cannot tell you exactly how much this specific bottle cost, but all I know is I would pay triple to have the same experience.

We showed up at the little inn on campus and were led to the dining room. There were a few local community members but the majority of us were college students. What a daunting task, properly teaching twenty-one-year-olds about not only wine, but how to actually drink it: clarity, brightness, color, intensity, rim variation, legs, bubbles, oh my!