I've noticed that I surprise people. Granted, my beer drinking is no longer as surprising as it was a few years ago, back when most people would be hard pressed to name a craft brewery in the U.S. But even as recently as 2008, I was a member of a much smaller group: women who enjoy craft beer so much, they make it their job.

Of course being a craft beer enthusiast does not prevent me from enjoying other food and drink delights (such as wine), but it has been an absolute pleasure to observe the world of beer as a blogger for the past four years. I've been writing Beer Goggins for that long, and I'm excited to join the Snooth team as a beer columnist.

I'm hoping to bring a little insight into beer tasting, brewing and even the culture of craft beer to Snooth every couple of weeks. And, while I know I'm communicating with a collection of sophisticated wine drinkers, I hope to have the opportunity to surprise you with beer.

Since I like to jump right in, I'm going to share the top four beers I'm liking this Spring.