2006 Terre di Talamo, "Tempo" Riserva, Morellino di Scansano 13.5% ABV $17

This one nicely outperforms its price tag ($16.99). Starting off with rich red and black cherry fruit on the nose, just after opening, then backing off to an elegant mix of lean black cherry, Asian spice, and light, but definite, rose petals, which persist over time in the glass. Despite the finesse, there is an impression of solidity underneath the fruit. The palate starts with a soft mouthfeel at first, and a subtle sweetness on the tip of the tongue. Next is savory, focused black cherry, with aromatic sandalwood, a nice easy bite of acidity, and powdery tannins. There's good length to the finish as the sandalwood persists, and the acid causes the mouth to water. Something about this makes me think it is lacking somewhere, but every step of the experience has distinct character, and complexity. I guess it's just the gentle touch in its style. Satisfying and complete. 91 Points

2010 Terre di Talamo, "Tempo" Morellino di Scansano 13.5% ABV $12

The dried herb notes are the first thing you notice on the nose, followed by blackberry, and a firm character. The palate shows roasted black cherry, sweet acidity, more dried herbs, and a hint of fat on the mid-palate. With time, distinct sandalwood shows up, and a hint of anise. The finish is modest, with tartness and spice. Very easy to drink. 89 Points

2009 Provveditore Bargagli, Morellino di Scansano $14

Dense dark fruit, but still rustic, with brambles, aromatic dried cherry skins and a bit of smoke. The texture is soft and pleasant, with moderate acidity blending with the lean black cherry and pronounced aromatic character. Finishes with satisfying grip and length. Aged seven months is large oak "botti," and 3 months in bottle. 100% Sangiovese. 90 Points

2008 Costa Terre di Fiori "Ventaio" Morellino di Scansano 14% ABV $25

Pretty blackberry fruit on the nose with lovely, fragrant and spicy dried herbs (sage?), with a dusty character. The palate continues the same theme with dried black fruit, dried rose petals, some allspice, good balance, and a fine-grained texture. Light- to medium-bodied, with a long finish that shows more dried herb notes. Cement tanks and bottle age only. 89 Points

2009 Costa Terre di Fiori "Ventaio" Morellino di Scansano 14% ABV $25

There is a core of dense blackberry/black cherry fruit to start on the nose, focused and solid with a suggestion of dark chocolate. The palate is nice and varied, first showing a silky texture, with grilled meats, aromatic black cherry pastry, some toast, smoke and a hint of cotton candy. Later, there is a sort of candied brambles note (sweet wood aromatics?), dried blackberry and some bacon. With all this opulence, it was surprising to not see heat on the finish. Cement tanks and bottle age only. 87 Points

2010 Vopte Ugolini Morellino di Scansano $23

Fresh red and black cherries on the nose with leather, supported by mineral and shale notes. The palate is savory and satisfying, albeit a little thin, with good baking spice, dried red cherry, incense, charred meat and sandalwood. The texture is great and chewy, with more savories and a medium length finish that reprises the grilled meat notes. 88 Points