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Tasting notes, continued


Mascarello Monprivato Ca d’Morissio
Lightly gamy on the nose with clean, deep, dark fruit framed with some leather notes. Quite elegant in the mouth, rather dry as well, yet this remains light with fine transparent fruits. The mid-palate is full of red fruits with a gentle astringent edge to them and tense soil-driven length. The fruit on the finish is gentle but very appealing with a layering of bramble, raspberry and earthy tones. A youthful wine still. 90pts

Brovia Rocche
Vegetal on the nose with spicy herbal tones that add lots of complexity here with distinct dried floral top notes and light, dusty red fruits. Rich on entry with good clarity to the red fruits, but this loses some focus on the mid-palate. The wine remains fairly rich with a fine, layered feel in the mouth and nice follow-through to the clear, cool, fresh earthy fruit. 90pts

Mascarello Monprivato
Jammy raspberry fruit on the nose is accented with notes of salted capers and backed, dry earth. Light on the palate with clear red cherry fruit that is framed by light herbal elements, as well as slow to emerge licorice and tar top notes. A bit simple perhaps and lighter styled with a modest finish, though very refined and typical. 88pts

Bartolo Mascarello
Smoky on the nose and very deep with a fresh, complex, slightly peppery core of crisp, soil-driven fruit that gains hints of camphor and herbs in the glass. Simple and a bit clumsy on entry with a tight, clear mineral driven mid-palate that fleshes out nicely with air, though the flavors remain rather restrained with gentle spicy red fruits leading to a modest finish. 88pts

Scavino Bric del Fiasc
Waxy on the nose with lightly pruney fruit and sweet, spicy, toasty notes. Really quite bright on entry with big, simple red raspberry fruits supported by soft tannins that support the fruit through the moderate finish, ending with a nice hint of tar. With air this shows a bit better integration but it is a bit clumsy. 86pts
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Produttori Montestefano
A bit syrupy on the nose with wild red berry fruit tones over some chalky soil notes. There’s a slight hoisin/sweet tea note here so perhaps this has seen less than ideal storage. A bit fat on entry with an initial rush of black cherry fruit that is followed by a rather flacid, hot, short mid-palate. The nose develops a sweet candied element with air and the roundness the wine exhibits up front is quickly clipped on the short finish. 86pts

Clerico Pajana
Woody on the nose with jammy fruit underlaid with a rather intense tarry note. With airing this reveals a touch of raw wood, green coffee that gains prominence, taking on a chlorine quality. In the mouth this is fairly thick and rich with an extracted feel delivering nice mineral-accented fruit on the mid-palate and through the firm, moderately long finish. With air this does become a bit more compact and dull with a lean core and a heavy, drying, extracted finish. 85pts

Giacosa Falletto
This smells both sweet and brothy with starchy vegetal tones on the nose. Lean and bright in the mouth with a core of big, rich fruit full of sweet licorice and gently tarry notes, but the back end is hot, shallow and short. Who knows what’s going on here. 82pts

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