Well, we really got a lot of feedback from you Francophiles out there after last week’s Italo-centric email. Okay! UNCLE. I relent! This week, I’ll take a look at some of the greatest deals on the planet for age-worthy wines from France, and as a double bonus, next week’s email will be a special split featuring wines from France, as well as a few other spots that might be familiar to you. France is such a hugely complex country when it comes to wine, it can be especially difficult to navigate. One of the greatest wine regions, Burgundy, for example, is not only complex, but also prone to the fickle fortunes that grapes, winemaker, and Mother Nature dole out each year. OK, so that’s my cop-out way of saying: Don’t look for Burgundy here. Besides, most of the wines of Burgundy, while great, can hardly be classified as values. But that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t find something from France to recommend.

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