It's always a little weird to me when people market wines specifically for mothers. It's even weirder when the wines are terrible. (The worst offenders are easy to spot, they've got "Mommy" right on the label.)

I get it: having a colicky infant and a tantrum-throwing toddler increases one's desire for a drink. Does it mean the drink has to be dreadful? I've never met a mother who gave up her good taste in booze because she brought home a baby.

What new parents do lose, at least at the start, is their free time and extra cash, leaving them with fewer resources to track down and enjoy new wines. Every wine-loving mom knows what it's like to open a bottle and then get drawn back into the battle of bedtime. Once you get back to that cold glass of Chardonnay, it's warm. Repeat over the course of a few nights, and you're eventually tossing out liters of sad, stale juice.

Photo courtesy Remi Longva via Flickr/CC