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Google gaming and de-coding HTML


Over the past few weeks, our CTO, Mark Angellilo has continued to post installments in our SEO Guide for Wineries. Even if you are not a winery but share in our interest in SEO, you should check out what Mark is sharing as well.

The two most recent editions deal with issues we’ve worked through here at Snooth many times over. In fact, “Part 4 - Expressing your Authority” is something that we struggle with constantly.

SEO is a tricky game to play. As Google establishes guidelines, people naturally tend to begin to game the system, forcing Google to continuously update their rating and ranking algorithms, which in turn can make a ton of work fall by the wayside.

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There is a solution, of course. Simply doing what you do and doing it as well as you can. Mark helps to clarify what doing just that entails in this post, spelling out some of the steps you can take to make sure you’re doing things the best way that you can.

That may or may not entail the use of some code, or HTML, the language of the Internet. Naturally, this leads to Part 5 in our series, which begins to break down HTML.

HTML and coding are certainly intimidating. In fact, I too was intimidated by them.  While here at Snooth, I have been forced to do a small bit of coding, and with time, things that seemed so dense and confusing have become fairly intuitive. It all just takes some time, a good coach and a lot of trial and error.

If you’ve ever thought about HTML or wanted to know what the hell that means, Mark has your answers. We’ll be following up with additional installments of Snooth’s SEO Guide, so keep watching this space.

Part 1 – An SEO Guide for Wineries

Part 2 – Not All Content is Created Equal

Part 3 – Understanding the Engines

Part 4 – Express Your Authority

Part 5 – HTML the Language of the Web

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