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What you can find locally that will kill it on Turkey day!


You haven’t bought your wine for Thanksgiving yet and now you’re panicking aren’t you? Well you don’t have. Even if you know next to nothing about wine there are plenty of safe bets out there amongst the nationally distributed wines for you to make a great choice and bring a wine to dinner that will make most everyone happy.

There are two keys to wine pairing success. The first is the science and art of food and wine pairing. We do this behind black curtains in secret societies that require masks to be worn at all times, though pants curiously enough are optional.

​There is also another strategy to take when one is in dire need of wine. Buy what you like, or more appropriately if you’re a guest, buy what the host likes. We may not be intimately familiar with our host’s palate but consider this. Chardonnay is the most popular white wine in America. Killer choice for Thanksgiving too. Who knew? So relax and take a look at some widely available wines that will be just perfect tomorrow with the turkey, or whenever you or your host gets around to drinking it.


Like I’ve already mentioned, you can’t really go wrong with a great Chardonnay on Thanksgiving. Creamy, fruity and accented with sweet toasty spice from its time in oak, your typical Chardonnay has a flavor profile that matches up perfectly with the typical Thanksgiving feast. And there's that thing with it being hyper popular as well. Can’t hurt right?
Here are some examples that are both nationally distributed and worth keeping an eye out for:

Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay Sonoma Coast $25

Ubiquitous, and well made. A soft, clear rendition of Chardonnay that is perfect for a lighter meal. It’s a very fruit driven style, not overly affected by winemaking nor by any sense of over-ripeness.  It may not wow anyone, but at the same time it’s won’t disappoint either. A great crowd pleaser for turkey day.

Ferrari-Carano Sonoma County Chardonnay $25

Rather full bodied yet packed with fresh fruit, this is what most people are thinking of when they are thinking of good California Chardonnay. It’s ripe, and fruity, and has some nice oak influence to it but at the same time it remains bright and vivid, and refreshingly fresh fruit driven.

Gary Farrell Chardonnay Russian River Valley Selection $34

I think this is a fabulous wine blending great complex fruit flavors with nuanced oak influence. It’s a bit creamy but lively and fresh offering great length and power in an elegant, silky package. Refined and elegant, it may be overpowered by a traditional feast but if you've updated your menu, this is a great choice for Thanksgiving!

Jordan Chardonnay Russian River Valley $30

Often overlooked Jordan makes a classic Chardonnay, and while their Cabernet is not being suggested today it’s also a wonderful wine that harkens back to an earlier time when balance and elegance were the watchwords by which wines were judged. This is not a blockbuster Chardonnay but it will work particularly well with a wide vareity of Thanksgiving feasts, from traditional to something more inspired.

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