Greg La Follette. It's a name you might know – and if you're a fan of California wine, it's a name you should know. Greg has spent time developing and implementing fine winemaking techniques, many inspired by those practiced in Burgundy, at wineries such as Beaulieu Vineyard, Kendall Jackson and Flowers. In addition, Greg has been instrumental in the design and redesign of vineyards using "green" techniques.

Greg's influence has been broad and important, but never so pure as with his latest project: his own lineup of cool-climate Burgundian wines. These Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from some of the greatest sites in Northern California allow Greg to use all the techniques he has mastered by simply letting the grapes and land speak. In fact, Greg freely uses that analogy of allowing the fruit and vineyard to talk; and he sees his job as giving them that voice. It's an interesting observation from a fascinating man.