The beautiful, ancient walled town of Saint-Emilion is one of Bordeaux’s most cherished historical treasures, and home to some of its greatest estates. The village and its cobblestone streets sit perched atop several hills, with vineyards pushing right up to the town’s walls and several of its most famous châteaux nestled right near the town’s outlying buildings.

Ironically, given that St. Emilion can trace its wine-producing heritage all the way back to the Romans and the second century A.D., this village is also on the cutting edge of the push for a more modern style of Bordeaux wine, and the appellation is home to some of the most technically inspired wines in all of Bordeaux.

These unabashedly “modern-styled” wines of St. Emilion, which tend to be characterized by very ripe, opulent personalities and plenty of new oak often sit side by side with some of the most staunchly traditionalist estates in Bordeaux, so that in surveying the vinous landscape of the village today one is given a wonderful opportunity to witness the great clash of winemaking philosophies that defines current day Bordeaux.