Adanti is both one of the historic producers of Sagrantino di Montefalco, as well as one of the largest.  With 32 hectares (about 80 acres) under vine and a lineage that reaches back to the 1960’s, which is quite long for the region, they are poised to become major players in the Sagrantino scene.

The wines of Adanti strike me as particularly massive and extracted.  The estate uses only tonneaux and botti for the ageing of their wines, so most of the massive tannins are certainly coming from the fruit, and in fact there is so much fruit, in addition to the fruit tannins, that one hardly notices the affects of the oak aging.

What to expect: Sagrantino

Sagrantino originates from the region of Umbria, in Italy, where it produces big, full bodied, and intense red wines that are packed full of tannin and acidity. The flavors typically recall blackberry, raspberry and plum, with notes of licorice, earth and tar. Sagrantino is often blended with softer varieties to help tame the tannins, in which case the wine is bottled as Rosso di Montefalco.