Smoky and a bit simple on the nose with some stemmy notes accenting the core of cracked pepper and sweet cherry fruit. This is smooth and supple and exceptionally easy to drink. There’s enough acidity here to add some zing to the cherry and plum flavors with a hint of earth and toasty oak adding  to the choir. The tannins are pointy if on a modest scale and help to add some heft in the mouth and set up the moderately long blueberry finish quite nicely. Simple, fun and fresh, this is a great party wine. 86pts
Spicy on the nose with notes of black peppery married to spicy oak and resin framed plummy fruit. fairly full on entry and well balanced with some aggressive woody notes early on the palate followed by a mouthful of spicy and slightly jammy blueberry and strawberry fruit. There’s some gentle tannin here and plenty of spiking acidity keeping things fresh and lively in the mouth. The finish is short and shows some dry woody tannins and a hint of sweetness in a slightly clumsy way. A gutsy little wine that is easy to like for it’s plump intensity. 83pts
Shiraz 56%, Cabernet Sauvignon, 37%, Merlot 7%
This smells rather smoky, earthy and herbal and black curranty with hints of mint, vanilla and fennel seed adding some detail. A little sweetish and over-ripe on entry with a pruny, truffly edge to the core of simple if rich black cherry and cassis flavors. Tannins are a touch dry and the acidity well integrated, lending this a somewhat old-world feel but it’s a bit matte on the palate and the finish is dominated by the structure and shows a touch of heat. 82pts
Stemmy, earthy, lightly tarry, and somewhat unusual with noticeable sulphur and some attractive tart red berry fruit on the nose. A bit sweet on entry, with that sweetness adding body and richness that wraps around the modest core of red fruit this wine brings to the table. it’s medium light bodied Shiraz and easy to drink but it’s also short and a little shrill once the sweetness wears off. 79pts