Day 2 at the 2010 International Pinot Noir Celebration began with another convivial breakfast on the sun-dappled lawn at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon. Today my agenda included a winery visit to Torii Mor, and an exploration of the intricacies of blending wines, with lunch to be had after the blending event.

In total there were some 13 or so busses (mine was number 11) that set off to a corresponding number of wineries that morning. While I didn’t realize it until our return trip, each of those busses contained a mix of wine amateurs and professionals. On the trip out there was lots of talk of winemaking, viticulture and the like, on the ride back later that afternoon the discussion would dissolve into friendly banter revolving around fly fishing, families, and things more frivolous. That was the moment that the beauty of the IPNC really hit me. It is a singular and exceptional sharing of like-minded individuals! Oh, and there’s some wine to be drunk as well!