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I love having the opportunity to come to you each day with my thoughts and opinions. The new media that has made this possible is a great vehicle for expanding the world of discourse, but one that has its limitations. The art of long-form journalism, for example, was honed by print media and has taken a bit of a backseat during these early years of media 2.0.

While I should say that’s just great, with a very self-centered worldview, the truth is that I am always looking for more in-depth reporting and well-honed alternate viewpoints to challenge my own. I’m looking for the viewpoints I once found all over the print world, but which have since slipped away. Where did they go?

Some of the greatest voices of the culinary and wine worlds have found a new home at With a truly diverse and engaging cast of contributors, Zester Daily covers the world like no other site does, or can for that matter. From the exotic cuisines of the world to making do with leftovers, Zester Daily has intriguing in-depth articles and recipes that can bring a little spice to your everyday.
Closer to my heart, on the wine side of things, Zester Daily has you covered with great reporting on your tried and true favorites as well as cutting edge critiques on the hot wines of the season.

We are delighted to be able to bring to you some of the A-list writers that regularly grace the pages of Zester Daily. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be treated to articles from Elin McCoy, Carla Capalbo and Patrick Comiskey, as well as a Q&A from each author to help introduce you to both their palate, as well as what each author brings to Zester Daily.

We’re definitely excited about this collaborative effort and hope you’ll all take a peek at Zester Daily. If you’re a food and wine lover, we know you’ll find a lot to love!

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