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New York City

You can’t blame me for wanting to fantasize about getting away from this disaster for a while, but the truth is that there is no place I’d rather be than right here in NYC. Things are tough right now, but are getting better.

I’m surrounded by friends, family and new acquaintances, all being drawn closer together by adversity. We have great wine growing regions to the north and east of us, which were generally spared the worst of Sandy’s wrath. We have some of the greatest wine shops, restaurants and attractions in the world. We have started to rebuild and my heart goes out to all that have lost and suffered through this ordeal. Don’t forget about us, folks. The news likes to show the worst of an event, it’s better for ratings after all, but let me tell you from on the ground here in NYC that things are dire for many but not for most. And as is generally the case, this disaster has brought out the best in most of us.

I look forward to welcoming you here. From Atlantic City in New Jersey to the tip of Montauk, the Eastern Seaboard will be back and better than ever, just give us some time and a few bottles of wine.

God bless.

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