Instead of Hurricane Sandy

Get your mind off of Hurricane Sandy by escaping to one of these destinations


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Boise City, Idaho

This is weird, but it’s also among the so-called safest places in the U.S. It is one of the places with the lowest chances for experiencing a significant natural disaster, if you exclude the super volcano that will erase Yosemite National Park off the map some day.

What does Boise City offer? For starters, they have electricity, which is a big plus today. Surprisingly, Boise City is the third most populous metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest, led only by Seattle and Portland. Still, it looks like Boise City is a bucolic place, a low-rise city fading into distant hills with all the amenities of modern life and the pace of Mayberry for those who want to lollygag. It’s turning cool in Boise City right about now and that means the opening of the winter sports season, something suitable for taking one's mind off the troubles at hand.

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