Industry Insiders Recommend 3/2014

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Industry Insiders Recommend 3/2014
In an effort to broaden the discussion about wine I’ve been pursuing retailers to participate in what I am calling the Industry Insider’s series. It will consist of wine recommendations on great finds as well as series on specific regions or varieties. I started out planning this feature around retailers, primarily because I believe that a good retailer can be the consumer's best friend, but it seems very few retailers want the free publicity.  Call me confused when I ask you as a retailer to contribute because I believe your opinions are important and you decline to participate. 
I guess many retailers just don’t seem to have much to say, or perhaps don’t want to share their ‘discoveries’. I reached out primarily to small operators, seeing as they might be the ones who would appreciate a wider audience, intentionally skipping over the largest retailers to see if I could help level the playing field a bit. The sad truth is that out of over  two dozen small retailers contacted, very few have chosen to participte. 
In light of this I have opened this platform to the broader wine industry. I am still looking for retailers, but also importers, winemakers, and sommeliers to come and contribute their voices to this discussion. There are simply too many great palates out there that either are ignored or struggle to find their audience. I’m going to try and change that. Maybe be a bit disruptive if I can. In the end though it’s all for fun. The whole noble goal of the wine industry is to increase your chances of buying a bottle of wine that you like. To further that effort. Here are some of this month’s best bets according to our industry insiders!

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