How To Use Your Leftover Christmas Booze

Alcohol is a terrible thing to waste


After hosting a massive Christmas dinner with family and friends, it’s inevitable that you’ll have some leftover alcohol. While some of us, in the midst of an epic hangover, may consider just drinking it or worse, throwing it out, consider putting that booze to some good use.

I love nothing more than hearty eats after a long night of drinking. Thankfully, there are quite a few recipes that require the use of your leftover alcohol to make them truly delicious, and they are perfect for post-party noshing. Plus, with such simple recipes, you can easily feed any of your dinner guests who decided to spend the night.

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If you’re not too keen on using that leftover booze for cooking efforts, perhaps you can try using it for your household needs. That’s right, it’s not only good for cocktails, it’s good for practical home needs as well!

So wrangle up all that leftover booze and put it to good use! Cheers, and happy recycling!

How do you use your leftover booze? Let us know in the comments section.

Glazed Champagne Chicken- This recipe is super simple to make and doesn’t require too much leftover champagne. If you find that you still have some more champagne, grab a bottle of orange juice and mix up a few mimosas.

Spiced Glazed Duck- Port, it’s not just for dessert anymore! The flavor of sweet, dark berries is a great complement to rich duck breasts.

Tiramisu Torte- Tia Maria, a fantastic coffee liqueur made in Jamaica, probably made repeat performances at your Christmas dinner in the form of post-meal boozy coffee. This tiramisu torte is a perfect use of those strong, coffee flavors for a decadent dessert.

Window Cleaner and Odor Fighter- a leftover bottle of vodka may seem like it needs to go straight into the garbage, but this is not the case. Dilute the bottle with water and spray on your windows for a streak-free shine, or spray in your shoes to get rid of any stink. Check out more essential uses for vodka here.

Bacon Whiskey Sour- As a whiskey drinker, I’d probably be pretty disappointed if there was any leftover whiskey after I threw a party at my home. However, it’s always a possibility, so the only possible option is to put it to good use. Grind up some cooked bacon and throw it into a whiskey sour. Shake, strain, sip and enjoy.

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  • Snooth User: DCipolla
    511723 3

    Hard for me to believe that "The Spirit" thinks that there is truly a "Vodka" or "Whiskey" that could be ever be a "leftover"! How about just closing it up and saving it for the next party!! Ok, wine you would probably need to finish the next day... and Port 4 or 5 days... but Vodka??

    Now you always have some good ideas here.... (you will never find me washing my windows with Vodka... not the Vodka we drink - vinegar works well)

    I just made a dessert - Pears poached in Port and Crandberry juice (w/ dried cranberries, ginger, orange peal, red peppercorns, cinnamon, and whole alspice) yum! I am changing it up bit for a winter brunch salad this weekend by adding orange pieces and spicy pecans and sprinkling the poached cranberries on top of pears and oranges... pretty on a platter as well.

    Love your site!

    Dec 27, 2012 at 11:34 PM

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