There’s a funny thing about booze that tends to be forgotten; when it comes to taking on other flavors, it’s like a sponge. The minute you introduce a new ingredient to a spirit, something truly magical happens. Before you know it, the bottle of vodka you filled with oranges suddenly tastes like, you guessed it, orange vodka. This magic trick is known as infusing, and as we’ve shown before on The Spirit, it’s simple enough to do in your own home, with not too much assembly required. Today, we dive back into another spirit infusion you can make at home: Bacon Bourbon. (At this point, Julie Andrews belting “these are a few of my favorite things” should be echoing in your head.)

Just like any spirit infusion, making bacon bourbon requires a base spirit, a flavor component, and that thing we all dread, patience. What I enjoy most about using bourbon as a base spirit is that there’s already a rich and luscious flavor profile, so the chances of having a full-on flavor explosion after combining it with smoky bacon fat are incredibly likely.

Bacon image via Shutterstock