With the boom of craft cocktails and artisanal liquors, bars across the country are infusing their own spirits. From spicy pepper vodka to sweet pineapple-infused rum, these transformed spirits are perfect for whipping up a uniquely distinct cocktail in a flash.

Though the idea of an infused liquor is rather high end, doing so at home is incredibly easy and approachable. A perfect way to dress up the next gathering with friends or start a simple yet fun weekend adventure at home.

Head to the liquor store for a quality spirit of your choice and then purchase infusing ingredients accordingly. If you plan to create a mixed cocktail from your infused liquor, think of the flavors of the cocktail for steeping ideas. Perhaps a cranberry-infused vodka for a Cosmopolitan, or a cherry-infused whiskey for a Manhattan, for example.

Read on for our five simple steps for infusing your own spirits, and be sure to let us know your favorite infusing combinations in the comments below!

Photo courtesy A. Strakey via Flickr/CC