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4 recipe blogs that will cast a spell on you


This Friday marks the opening of the final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Whether you'll be lining up Thursday evening to see the midnight showing or happy to hang at home until it comes out on Netflix, it seems appropriate to toast the end of an era with some Potter-themed cocktails.

There are quite a few Potter drinks out there, so we figured what better a way to pull together some mystifying (ha) recipes than to roundup some very creative Harry Potter cocktail blogs. As avid Potter fans, they do a better job creating tie-ins to alcohol than we ever could.

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Hermione Granger
The Backyard Bartender categorizes its cocktails by character. For each of the three leads, Harry, Hermoine and Ron, it provides a pretty witty description of character and a corresponding drink recipe. We think the Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger recipes sound particularly tasty!

Heather McPherson's blog
for the Orlando Sentinel honored the saga with a recipe for The Goblet of Fire, featuring TY KU Citrus Liqueur, Kahlua, and Bacardi 151 as its stars. And check out the Potter's Potion, a recipe for liqueur poured over dry ice for a spooky Potter-esque effect.

Not up on the Potter characters and plot line? Little Pink Blog has an in-depth post on Harry Potter and the appropriate mixology for each twisted demon. The nutty martini named after Bellatrix Lestrange sounds especially devilish.

Words to Bumble not only has a post about Harry Potter cocktails, it has enough related posts for Potter to have his own tag archive! Click through if you're interested in learning more interesting HP trivia. As for us, we're happy with the Episkey recipe, a cocktail named after the spell for healing minor injuries.

Be sure to let us know your favorite spell-casting drinks below!

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