Happy Thanksgiving from Snooth

A happy holiday from your Snoother family


We at Snooth wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

May your turkeys be moist, your children well behaved, and your guests helpful and considerate.

Be sure to check out What's Cookin' tomorrow for what to do with all your leftovers, but for now, just get that Thanksgiving meal to the table!

What to expect- Thanksgiving:

In-laws and leftovers, nosy neighbors, more children than you would usually see in an entire year. Thanksgiving is the quintessential holiday in the United States. It's a celebration of all we have in this country, from wild rice, corn and squash to family, friends and football.

It's also a holiday of contradictions. As we come together to celebrate and give thanks for surviving another successful year, we are often brought to the table with people we would prefer not to meet, yet with whom we share so much.

The greatest contradiction of all? On this day of feasting, we look forward to the leftovers more than the main course. Enjoy!

Looking for something funny to distract you from mindless conversation with your in-laws? Watch Greg interview himself!

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