Cocktails for Halloween

Simple ways to make scary drinks


Scary and creepy aren’t usually the kind of words you’d like your drinks described as. But with Halloween lurking around the corner, ready to unleash all hell this Sunday, we’ll happily take our order with a dose of dread and a dash of disgusting.

Whether you're serving up homemade brews or invading someone else’s place until the zombie hours of the morning, here are some simple ways to get into the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve.
Spooky spirits

The easiest way to salute the seasonal holiday is with a drink that’s suitably ghoulishly named. Drain a Bloody Mary, pick up a Black Cat, tackle a Black Witch, suck on a Vampire’s Kiss, attack a Zombie, make a date with El Diablo, enjoy a quiet Death in the Afternoon, or pray for a Corpse Reviver.

DIY disgusting decorations

If the party’s at your house, get your kicks by spiking your guests’ Halloween drinks with a little bit of homemade horror.

Start by coloring them scared. Take a red or dead approach, with blood-hued cocktail bases from cranberry or blood-orange juices to keep vampires sated. Grenadine adds a punch of blood-red to drinks with a clear spirit base. The black vodka Blavod, which gets its color from the herbal extract catechu, makes for Halloween cocktails shipped in straight from the black lagoon. Alternatively, gross out guests with slime-tinged Midori-based concoctions.

Eyeballs floating in a glass can freak out drinkers (the more drinks, the more paranoid they get) and, in their simplest form, they’re surprisingly easy to make. Take one peeled lychee (you can buy these in cans) and stuff a fresh, large blueberry in one end -- voilà, instant eyeball. You can also trick up eyeball treats with radishes, stuffed olives, cranberries and different colored grapes.

Go the plastic fantastic route and throw in vampire teeth, severed fingers or toes, baby doll heads, roaches, worms, flies or whatever creepy-cool thing takes your fancy. Making ice cubes with the smaller pieces adds some crunch to these garnishes.

Or you could simply serve drinks in ghastly glasses. Halloween drinking glasses are haunting store shelves now, decked out in skulls, skeletons, spiders, witches, jack-o-lanterns and all sorts of ghoulish decorations.

Horrifying drink combinations

Finally, why not take advantage of the scary season and use this as an opportunity to mix up the most horrifying drinks your twisted mind can come up with? Forget good taste and get into the spirits to brew up heart-racing, fear-inducing creations. And if the drinks suck as much as those vampires trying out Twilight poses in the corner, then just blame it on the ghost behind your bar.

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