I’ve got grilling on my mind.

Yes, we’re all talking about grilling and I’m talking about pairing wine with your grilled food. You expected that, right?

But did you expect me to turn around and suggest that you pair your grilling with Frappato or Cerasuolo di Vittoria? Of course not, because nobody expects Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Frappato, on the other hand, is a goer, nudge nudge, wink, wink, say no more!

Say what? Okay, late 1970s Britcom references aside, both Frappato (which is a grape) and Cerasuolo di Vittoria(which combines Nero d’Avola with Frappato) come from Sicily and should be on your radar this summer. These are perfect wines for grilling, rich and fruity with bright acidity but never over the top. They play the perfect second fiddle to grilled food gone adult and by that I mean free of gloopy, gloppy, sweet sauces.

So fire up the grill, whip out some Mediterranean marinades. Think garlic, mint, maybe orange rind, rosemary and thyme; and grab a bottle of Frappato or Cerasuolo di Vittoria. It’ll make it a summer to remember.