Grilled Pork Pairings

6 wines for your favorite pork dishes


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Thai Grilled Pork Skewers

Man, these look like little weapons of deliciousness. Great party fare, but also a killer adjunct to simple lunches and dinners. Coconut, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, my mouth is watering already, but what wine can possible go well with something so complex and layered?

The truth is, there is just such a wine, also a weapon of deliciousness, and by that I mean very savory and also complex and layered, but it's a wine that you have to learn to trust. Why, you ask? Well because I'm suggesting you buy an 11-year-old rosé! Yes, it's odd but all the aging that Lopez de Heredia's Tondonia Rosato undergoes gives the wine a wonderfully complex, savory quality that I can see taking on the layers of grilled pork skewer flavors and making you go, "Oh, snap!" Really, it is a wine you have to try and if you're gonna try it, try it with delicious little grilled skewers of meat.

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