Not only wine lovers, but cartoon lovers, will appreciate this site, run by respected Australian wine critic Philip White and featuring the striking work of award-winning South Australian cartoonist George Grainger Aldridge.

Here, White investigates how a diverse range of issues, such as sustainability, geology, logistics, and taxes, affect the current state and future of the Australian wine business. Recent posts have focused on prestigious McLaren Vale wineries losing ground, literally, to housing developments and taking the protest to local and state government.

Drinkster's companion site, Drankster (gotta love these names), is a showcase for his collection of tasting notes that are in-depth and evocative (it's no surprise that he was formerly a poet).  

The Wall Street Journal
's Alice Feiring has given it the stamp of approval, ranking it second in her top five wine sites in the world. Second? As White succinctly puts it: "Damn!"   

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