We got started last time with a short list of cellarable wine values for the cellar. I only touched on Portugal and Spain, but judging from the response it looks like we’re going to have to dig a bit deeper to satisfy every palate out there. This week we return to the regions that are nearest and dearest to my heart: The great wine-producing valleys of northern Italy. I love Barolo and Barbaresco, but almost all of them are just getting too expensive, so we'll be focusing on the alternatives out there for the savvy shopper.

With all the great wines coming from other regions, it’s not like we need Barolo or Barbaresco in the cellar.  Heck, who am I fooling -- I need some Nebbiolo in the cellar, and you know what, you can still satisfy your craving for great Nebbiolo and not break the bank, but don’t ignore the rest of the top of the boot as a source of fantastic values.

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