Earthy and a bit herbal on the nose with a sage like top note adding freshness and detail to the core of gently spicy cherry fruit. Smooth and polished to the point off this having no detail. It’s well balanced and shows off some gentle spiced cherry flavors but it sort of just sits in your mouth with drying tannins that build across the palate and then clip the finish. This would actually work nicely with food but it sort of needs food to bring this into balance. A bit tough. 83pts
Oddly candied and herbal on the nose with sweet strawberry fruit paired with cinnamon red hot candies and bitter beet root and minty green accents. Low acid making this a bit round and plump in the mouth, though of modest scale with simple earthy plummy fruit and just a hint of the spicy cinnamon found on the nose. Smooth and very easy to drink this gets a bit pasty on the modest finish. 82pts
A bit smoky on the nose with the sweetness of black licorice candy layered under wild cherry fruit accented with hints of vanilla and nutmeg. Bright and lively in the mouth, this doesn’t bring much intensity to the palate with very subtle earth tinged strawberry and tart plum flavors that do show fine persistence. this is attractively high acid and mouthwatering, though that is the wine’s best attribute since it just doesn’t offer that much flavor interest. 82pts
Sweet and candied on the nose this reminds me of fruit loops cereal, full of orange, cherry and lime aromas. Soft, round and easy to like this offers up a rather anonymous mouthful of chalky red berry fruit with faint herbal accent notes. For a small scaled wine there are some rather obvious tannins here that quickly take control of the modest finish. Chunky and raw this smells better than it tastes. 80pts
A bit buttery and lactic on the nose with attractive underlying red berry fruit that’s a touch tarry and framed with rather raw vanilla and oak aromas. This is smooth and a bit chewy if small scaled in the mouth with lots of sweet, candied raspberry fruit on the mid-palate that fades on the backend and leads to tart and somewhat candied and yet bitter finish. 80pts 
Raw and oaky on the nose with dank, smoky, vanilla  and somewhat rubbery aromas. Starting out a bit soft, this is very broad on the palate and  somewhat dense and chewy lacking an energy in the mouth. There are some tart red currant flavors here along with a bit of herb and touch of vanilla but they sort of sink into the density of the palate which leads to a dank, slightly bitter and oaky finish with astringent tannins and some sweet/tart berry fruit on the finale. This actually has lots of acidity lingering on the finish so I am surprised it is so lifeless on the palate. Would be better with food. 78pts
Stinky on the nose with dirty, rubbery aromas that lay over a core of earthy, dark berry fruit framed with some wood spice.  Smooth and soft in the mouth with gentle acids and modest tannins supporting the core of forest floor edged, sweet red berry fruit that gains a sulfury element on the back of the palate before dissolving into a bitter, rubbery finish. Tried twice with similar results. 65pts