I took a bit of flack last week for some offhand comments in my prelude to tasting notes for value priced Sauvignon Blanc. I made the grave mistake of saying that finding value priced Pinot Noir that exhibits varietal character is a challenge, and more than one merry reader took me to task for saying so. So what do I do? I trudge down to the cellar and pick out a case of value priced Pinot Noir to taste, that’s what I do. After all I have to back up my words.
Now to begin with, this is a case of comparing apple to oranges, but even more to the point while the Sauvignon Blancs I reviewed ranged in price from $9 to $14 this set of Pinot Noir starts at $12 and climb to $16, which to my mind probably corresponds well to the price point I focused on for Sauvignon Blanc values. If anything these wines, within the world of Pinot Noir at least, represent even greater values.