Floral with a hint of pine on the nose laid over a faintly peachy sweetness.
With the barest suggestion of spritz, which is normal here, this washes over the palate a touch loose and broad, delivering lightly mineral water streaked flavors of melon and apple that quickly yield to an assertive mineral note, tastes like mineral water high in potassium,  on the moderately long finish.  A bit simple, serve this chilled to help snap it back together. Great for simply prepared white fish. 86pts
Very floral on the nose with lots of pear fruit framed with hints of bread dough, white flowers,  and mango. Stony on entry with light grapefruit pith, brie and bready flavors following. This is quite bright with plenty of acidity but it is a bit simple and finishes with only modest length though there is a nice clay and stone note to the finish. 85pts
Smells like ass, treebark and leather. Air helps clean things up allowing a soft floral note to emerge from the glass backed up by light hints of meaty peach fruits.  Bright and juicy in the mouth, this has a lovely texture, smooth and polished though with some detail and it has pleasant if light flavors of lemon rind, creamy lees, and minerals that lead to a modest finish. Easy going though with a touch of complexity. 84pts
Profoundly oily on the nose with lots of sweet, nutty character and some honeycomb accents.  Fairly neutral in the mouth with good acidity supporting flavors of stones, oil, and a little peach and green orange. There's a little sulphur appearing on the palate as well. The backend shows a touch of floral herbs as well but all is washed away in the tart, acidic finish. 80pts