Veneer greets the nose. this smells shiny with some vanilla and wood spice framing a core of fresh, dark berry fruit. Smooth, rich, and fairly powerful in the mouth this is made in a chunky, ripe style that features soft tannins and modest acidity to keeps this rather plump. On the finish there’s a nice violet note but then this turns raw and a bit sticky.  87pts
Spicy and leathery on the nose with complex floral and wood accent notes. this is very floral in fact, and very austere on entry with an initial burst of tart red fruit settling into a slightly cocoa spiced, and round mid-palate groove that fades into a moderately long finish.  The nose is really lovely here but in the mouth his lacks some intensity. 87pts
Tight on the nose. This is really reticent with light herbal base notes accenting a hint of cherry fruit.  Surprisingly polished on entry with nice density in the mouth and modest mineral tinged flavors of jammy cranberry and orange rind leading to a fruity, modest finish with an attractive hint of blackberry. This might come together nicely. 87pts 
Earthy with old wood richness complemented by mineral and savory complexity. Rather smooth and polished in the mouth, though with lovely transparency and a fine blend of savory and cherry fruit supported by soft acids, with nice slightly austere finish that shows a gentle hint of sweetness. 87pts
Perfumy and floral on the nose with a well defined base of rust and limestone supporting astringent red fruits. rusty, limestone. This lacks some detail up front, a little lumpy on entry before showing some nice rusty, cranberry fruit. there’s good length here, and a nice pop of fruit on the finish but this is definitely more about finesse than fruit. 87pts
Savory on the nose with smoky aromas of old wood, rhubarb and beet root. Very complex on entry, smooth and fairly rich, with some chewiness still here. There’s good detail to the slightly meaty and peppery herb framed fruit that wraps up in a short finish with a bit of wood tannin sticking out on the back end.  86pts
Leathery, earthy smoky, and deep on the nose with impressive complexity and lovely floral tones over dark berry fruit. Decidedly less interesting on the palate. In a ripe plump but simple with soft tannins and acids, and a modest, austere finish. Bonus points for the nose. 86pts
Smoky on the nose with aromas of stemmy herbs, minerals, and austere red fruits. Rather friendly in the mouth with a ripe, round texture and lingonberry fruit supported by polished tannins and juicy acids. there’s some savory accent notes here, along with a bit of a chunky mouthfeel as well. 86pts
Bright, floral and red fruited on the very pretty nose. In the mouth this is slightly round and easy in the with  soft tannins and acidity. Nicely put together for immediate consumption, with nice red fruits and a modest finish that shows a hint of spice. 85pts
A little spicy with rusty red fruit, cranberries on nose. In the mouth this is a little jammy with a touch of wood ripe, and yet a little lean with  mineral flavors and a touch of a creamy texture. This has an odd blend of textures, chunky and juicy. Sort of an under-ripe/over-ripe thing going on on the palate. 85pts
Reticent on the nose with suggestions of spice and tobacco. fairly soft in the mouth with modest intensity, thi is not making much of an impression. It’s fairly tannic for its size, showing some light, creamy cherry fruit on the palate in a simple and easy style. 83pts