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Neverending Grilling Season

What other treats await your extended grilling season this year? Have you considered grilling winter squash? It’s a great way to bring out the rich flavor of the squash while adding a nice note of char that helps balance these sweet vegetables.  A Riesling, with its dollop of sweetness, works wonders with grilled squash, as does an off-dry Chenin Blanc. Add in some tender scallops or shrimp for a wonderfully light and easy feast that will make your wine shine!

While you’re at it, add in a good old-fashioned Castagnata, or chestnut roast! It’s the season after all and while the traditional wine for a chestnut roast is a young, fresh red, an off-dry Riesling is another pairing that people love. Roasting chestnuts is an easy way to end some of your last outdoor meals and don’t be bound by the Riesling pairing. With any wine, it’s simply a great way to warm your soul on a chilling night and wonder how much longer you can keep the grilling alive this year!

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