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Hearty Fall Vegetables Say "Grill Me!"

I love my grilled summer vegetables: tomatoes and onions, corn and zucchini; they all grace my table as often as possible, but after three months you can’t blame me for wanting something that shakes things up a bit. Well get ready, because there’s variety a comin'.

Mushrooms, for example, one of the greatest use for a grill ever, are in abundance during the damp, cool months of late summer and early fall, and hot off the grill they’re a killer match for red wines. Some might say they’re even better than meat, and in fact on occasion, I’ve said that. Of course they lack the intensity and richness of grilled meats, so when pairing them with a wine look for something a bit more elegant and lighter bodied. I love a light Pinot Noir here but some of the best mushroom matches I’ve come across were at the hands of Cabernet Franc. Lighter bodied than Cabernet Sauvignon with a distinct herbal/earthy element, Cabernet Franc is perfect for grilled mushrooms that have been brushed with your favorite herb-infused oils.

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