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Yes it’s true, tomato season is coming to a close, and we can almost kiss all that sweet corn goodbye for another year; but the bounty of autumn is almost upon us and it’s filled with wonderful treasures from the land and from the sea.

Ever have a grilled oyster, for example? September has an "r" and that signals the return of cold water seafood and great clams, oysters and mussels! Grilled shellfish is a labor of love but the added smoky notes one gets from grilling bivalves adds another layer of flavor complexity that makes them a real treat. My favorite grilling and shellfish combination happens to be mussels Provencal made with grilled tomatoes! It’s an easy way to add your own distinct touch to this classic dish while making it the perfect partner for a lightly oaked white like a Bordeaux Blanc or Sauvignon Blanc.

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