Great California Cabernet

5 wines that won't break the bank (and still please the palette)


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Great California Cabernet Here’s a big pit of disaster if you ask me. Yes, there are plenty of compelling Cabernets being produced these days, but there is also far too much over-priced, indistinct swill out there.

There seems to be an effort on the part of many producers to strip away the Cabernet-ness from Cabernet and replace it with expense. Am I the only one getting that impression? The more expensive a wine is, the more it tastes like what we are told expensive wines taste like. It’s a bit of a scam, if you ask me. There is a solution, and my wallet and I are taking our ball and going home, without scam wines. These $30 and under examples though are worth taking a look at.

We are introducing our QPR rating for these wines. It is a simple ranking dividing point score by price, offering you another way to compare wines.

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